Bands Audition for a New TV Show That's Creating a Movement Subverting Unjust Entertainment Business Models

AdverticeMe is disrupting the music industry and network reality TV by launching a unique themed music TV series; featuring original new music in addition to fair financial compensation to all bands and artists on the show.

New Songs have proliferated as a result of technology and increased home studios. This has minimized the barrier to entry for musicians, producers, artists, singers, and songwriters.  “So why are there song contests or singing competitions with only one winner per year when you help write over 100k new music releases each week? Naturally, these technological advancements should cause a chain reaction of more song contests, more singing competitions and more musicians wanted opportunities says Executive Producer Ananta Susumu.

This show advances artistic expression that is thought provoking, emotionally impacts as well as uplifts humanity.

 “Artists have this vision of changing the world with their music. Our intention is to find artists that create music that impacts and causes infinite progress upon the world. Imagine the waves on the shores of China as it ripples across the entire ocean and reaches the shores of the US. That is infinite progress,” states Ananta Susumu.

Fair compensation requires transparency of all the revenue and disbursements.   According 2014[1] one music reality TV show was able to generate “6.64 million” for every 30 minutes of a show.  New York Daily News [2] stated the same TV show reported during the 2012-2013 season that it, “Grossed $836 million in ad revenue.”  So in essence, 10 musicians singing somebody else’s songs helped generate over $800 million dollars in 56 hours of programming and for that one person wins a million dollars. Some may argue that exposure is great even if you don’t make money.  However “We believe if someone is making money from exposing artists, the artists are entitled to a share commensurate with their contribution” says Ananta.  After knowing this what would be the fair compensation for each contestant? Every contestant on a show brings value to the entire production.  

This is a rare opportunity to be “showcasing your original new music” says Ananta.. At this time, new music in twenty genres is accepted.  Submissions close October 5th 2015.



Contact Information:

5201 Great America Parkway
​Santa Clara, CA